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Pakistani news channels and news websites are really hot these days due to continuous crisis in country. I mostly read news on BBCUrdu.com. But whenever I want to get almost real-time news online, I mostly see Geo / Aaj TV websites.

Today I found an interesting thing, News about Punjab assembly session on stairs out side Assembly Hall. Yes .. it is itself quite interesting but my topic is little different. I noticed that textual news on Geo and Aaj TV websites was 100% same. Not even a comma or full-stop difference.

See below and read text of both images. First one is from GEO and second one is from AAJ TV. Screenshots taken on Thursday Feb 26, 2009 from GEO and Aaj Tv websites.



Do you see any difference in text? Suggest a title for this in your comments.


  1. Copy paste is an art, everybody can’t do that in an effective way to put the cover on it. GEO and Aaj Channels are the most popular groups and we don’t know who has copied the content of other but it doesn’t suits them.

    So my conclusion is that which is a also tip for GEO and Aaj Channel “if someone hides the impression of copy then he is successful. Otherwise there is a title for this which we used to apply when we were kids “Naqal khor, khuda da chor””

  2. Its all about awareness. More aware viewers will lead to more responsible media. This example shows that our media still thought that it has duffer audience in front of them who can not find their mistakes.

    But they should change their perception, as people have more choices,media and they can reconfigure their thoughts any time.

    Freelance reporters may be the reason behind this scene,

  3. Agree with Imran,

    Dear public knows every bit of the situation but media always tries to “fancy in” in heat of the moment…. Hats off to both giants of Pakistani Electronic Media………

    Lets try to notify both and lets see who charges other for copyrights, if applicable 😉

  4. There are 3rd party news agencies, who have their own reporters. Different newspapers & news channels use the services of news agencies for a flat monthly/yearly fee. For example, Reuters, APP, AFP, Online News etc.

    Here in this case, maybe both Geo and Aaj used any news agency for these news and their reporters didn’t report it.


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