Zong – mistakes and misleading messages



I subscribed for the daily SMS bundle offer from zong by sending “sub” to 700. I received the following replies from zong.

1) “You have ordered package Daily SMS 500 for SMS_Bundle successful.”

2) “You have ordered package Daily SMS 500 For SMS Bundle successfully. The package is activated now. Keep enjoy with ZoNG.

You see the simple English language mistakes in these replies? “successful” is used instead of “successfully” and in next message “Keep enjoy” is used instead of “Keep enjoying
Should big companies like Zong, ignore such things?

Here is another misleading message from Zong. I had low credit in my Zong sim, to be exact seven (7) Rs.  I called to my brother’s phone and I heard a recorded voice saying

”You have insufficient balance left. please recharge.
aap ka balance na-kafi hay, brai meharbani recharge kar lain.”

As the message started, I thought my balance is over and I disconnected the call without talking to my brother. I used a different phone to make the call. Today, I checked my balance and I was surprised to see it was 7 Rs. I tried to make the call again, and noticed that after playing the the above message, Zong connected the call to my desired number.

But why they are playing this audio message? There is no reason for this. Especially the text of the voice message is completely misleading. The balance was sufficient for call, but still they said it’s insufficient ( na-kafi ).

I request Zong to remove such messages or at least change he wording of the recorded message.

Do you have similar experiences? Share in comments.


  1. Wrong messages is a bad thing about such companies they are trying to misguide the people. Spelling mistake is also a funniest thing :).

    Yes, i have same experience with Ptcl V wireless sets, It inform the user about less balance at same time when user is calling to someone. It gives impression that we can not call due to less balance and should recharge right now. Although call can be made with that balance 🙂

  2. Guys, relax and just try to analyze one thing….

    No one is offering packages like Zong, no one.. i think we should always discuss good things. Mobilink Offered SMS package and discontinued so i switched to Zong and think that this is best available choice for anyone.

    rest of the companies are not consistent. Look at ufone, they make funny ads and funny packages and all their offers are misleading. they lie at every step.
    I recommend all my Family and Friends to Buy Zong…

  3. I also know a great fraud by the ZONG. Their Server time is 5 min plus Pakistan Standard time, and if some one use a hourly package for calling, and disconnect after one hour, they get hourly deduction + normal deduction for 5 minute.

    Please try today, and check your balance.

    please take a legal action, If some one is capable.


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