Create Email Accounts on Live .com

I was excited from day one of beta launch for creating an email account but it was not possible before. Today I came to know that Microsoft has finally allowed people to create email account on few weeks ago. Visit to signup for your new account.

Another new features allows you link a main Windows Live account with other Hotmail/MSN/Live email accounts and use a single login to access / switch between all of your accounts. At the top of the page, next to your email address, there’s an arrow that shows a list of your linked accounts when you click it.

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Check Hotmail / Live email accounts with Outlook

I have lots of personal and official email addresses like many others. Few Email accounts are on Hotmail/MSN and Gmail while others are POP accounts.
Checking all emails becomes easier with outlook 2007, but the only problem for me was free hotmail accounts which were not working in outlook ( perhaps this needs some sort of subscription? ).

Today I found Outlook Connector beta version. I downloaded it from following location

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